April 2018

DSS 17/18 73Working out how working memory works: evidence from typical and atypical development
DSS 17/18 74Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses
DSS 17/18 75Child poverty and education: A survey of the experiences of NEU members
DSS 17/18 76Annual parents’ survey 2017: Parents’ awareness and perceptions of Ofsted
DSS 17/18 77Experiences of Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans: A survey of parents and young people
DSS 17/18 78Implementation plan in response to the government’s Careers Strategy
DSS 17/18 79School leadership in England 2010-2016: characteristics and trends
DSS 17/18 80Differences in student outcomes
DSS 17/18 81The lost part-timers: The decline of part-time undergraduate higher education in England
DSS 17/18 82Value for money: The student perspective
Points of Information No.195

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