July 2017

DSS 16/17 109Implementing the English Baccalaureate: Government consultation response

This is the long-awaited response from the DfE to the consultation on the implementation of the EBacc.

DSS 16/17 110Progress 8 accountability measure: schools’ responses

This report presents the findings of research commissioned by the DfE to explore the attitudes of schools and staff towards the new Progress 8 measure.

DSS 16/17 111Smith review of Post 16 mathematics

This review by Professor Sir Adrian Smith was published by the DfE; it looks at the current state of mathematics education in the 16-18 sector and makes a series of recommendations.

DSS 16/17 112Teacher voice omnibus survey

This report from the DfE summarises responses to the 32 questions which the DfE put to teachers and school leaders through the annual Omnibus survey.

DSS 16/17 113Chain effects 2017: The impact of academy chains on low-income students

This the latest Chain Effects report from the Sutton Trust; it looks at the impact which academy chains have on the outcomes of low-income students.

DSS 16/17 114Impossible? Social mobility and the seemingly unbreakable glass ceiling

This report from Teach First gives a comprehensive overview of the barriers which are still faced by poorer pupils in every phase of education puts forward a series of recommendations for addressing them.

DSS 16/17 115Omnibus survey of pupils and their parents/carers: research report wave 2

This report draws together the findings from the second wave of the Omnibus survey of pupils and their parents/carers in England, which was conducted by Kantar Public on behalf of the DfE.

DSS 16/17 116Progression pathways 2017: pathways through higher education

This report published by UCAS provides a comprehensive overview of the different educational pathways within higher education.

DSS 16/17 117The funding of School Education: Connecting Resources and Learning

This report from the OECD provides an international overview of school funding and resource policies.

DSS 16/17 118School workforce in England: November 2016

This report from the DfE looks at the composition of the school workforce in England and reports on trends over time.

DSS 16/17 119SEN support: a survey of schools and colleges

This report was published by the DfE in response to a need to understand how students on SEN support are currently supported, and how this practice can be shared, improved and developed.

DSS 16/17 120Time for change: An assessment of government policies on social mobility 1997-2017

This report by the Social Mobility Commission looks at early years, schools, training and work and assesses the extent to which social mobility has improved in each area.

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