October 2017

DSS 17/18 12Entries to arts subjects at Key Stage 4

In this report, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) looks at the trends in relation to take-up of arts subjects by Key Stage 4 cohorts between 2007 and 2016; it explores the impact of the new accountability and progress measures.

DSS 17/18 13Ofsted strategy 2017-2022

In this report, Ofsted sets out its key aims and vision for the delivery of the inspection service over the next few years.

DSS 17/18 14Phonics screening check and Key Stage 1 assessments in England, 2017 (provisional)

This statistical first release (SFR) from the DfE provides data about the attainment of pupils in the 2017 phonics screening check and key stage 1 national curriculum teacher assessments.

DSS 17/18 15‘State of the nation’ report of UK primary science education

This report from CFE and the Wellcome Trust presents findings about primary science teaching and attitudes to science across the 4 countries of the UK.

DSS 17/18 16Mental health and wellbeing in the education profession

This report commissioned by the Education Support Partnership is the first of its kind to explore mental health and wellbeing across the education sector.

DSS 17/18 17The state of technology in education report 2017-18

This report from Promethean looks at the state of educational technology in schools in England.

DSS 17/18 18Closing gaps early

This report from the Sutton Trust explores the current state of early year provision, looking at parental leave and parenting, early education and childcare and financial support for households with young children.

DSS 17/18 19Delivery and content in sex and relationship education (SRE)

This policy briefing from colleagues at the University of Bristol School of Social and Community Medicine outlines evidence-based criteria for the content and delivery of SRE programmes.

DSS 17/18 20Teaching excellence and student outcomes framework: lessons learned from Year Two

This report from the DfE looks at findings from the ‘lessons learned’ exercise which was conducted by the government after Year Two of the Teaching Excellence Framework.

DSS 17/18 21The positive and mindful university

This briefing paper was published by the Higher Education Policy Institute. It looks at ways in which students’ wellbeing and mental health can best be supported within he university system.

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