October 2020

DSS 20/21 11COVID-19 Series: Briefing on Schools September 2020

This report from Ofsted reports on pilot visits carried out by Ofsted to look at how schools are returning to their normal curriculum.

DSS 20/21 12The ‘New Normal’: The Future of Education after COVID-19

This report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) explores how society can build back better and what we want the ‘new normal’ in schools to look like.

DSS 20/21 13Education Policy Responses Across the UK to the Pandemic

This report from the Education Policy Institute documents the evolving education policy response of governments across the UK to the pandemic and presents evidence on the effectiveness of choices made.

DSS 20/21 14The Impact of COVID-19 on Initial Teacher Training

This report from the NFER looks at the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on teacher education and recruitment.

DSS 20/21 15Lost Learning, Lost Earnings

This report from the Sutton Trust estimates the effective loss in learning as a result of the pandemic as well as the potential impact on pupils’ labour market prospects in the medium term.

DSS 20/21 16State of the Nation 2020: Children and Young People’s Wellbeing

This is the most recent State of the Nation reports from the DfE; it looks at the wellbeing of children and young people aged 5 to 24 years old.

DSS 20/21 17Omnibus Survey of Pupils and their Parents or Carers: Wave 6

This report from the DfE presents an overview of parent/carer and pupils attitudes to different aspects of the educational experience.

DSS 20/21 18The Earnings Returns to Postgraduate Degrees in the UK: Research Report

This report from the DfE and the Institute for Fiscal Studies analyses the earnings returns to postgraduate degrees across different levels and fields of study.

DSS 20/21 19Two Sides of the Same Coin: Brexit and Future Student Demand

This report from the Higher Education Policy Institute investigates the impact which Brexit may have on future student demand in the UK.

DSS 20/21 20Education at a Glance 2020

This report from the OECD provides information on the education systems, finances and performance of schools across OECD countries.

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