May 2017

DSS 16/17 88Primary assessment

This report presents the findings of an enquiry by the House of Commons Education Committee into the design and implementation of the new key stage 2 tests.

DSS 16/17 89Improving literacy in key stage 2

This guidance report published by the Education Endowment Foundation provides seven evidence-based recommendations for improving pupils literacy skills at key stage 2.

DSS 16/17 90Language trends 2015-16: The state of language learning in primary and secondary schools in England

This annual report which was published by the Education Development Trust and the British Council gives a comprehensive overview of the languages landscape.

DSS 16/17 91Native speakers in A level modern languages

This report from Ofqual examines the impact of native speakers of modern languages on the overall results.

DSS 16/17 92How well do schools prepare children for their future

This report from the All Parliamentary Group for Education examines how well schools are preparing young people for their future careers in view of the skills which employers are seeking.

DSS 16/17 93Children and young people’s mental health – the role of education

This joint report by the Education and Health Committees looks at how well schools are able to respond to the increase in mental health problems amongst young people.

DSS 16/17 94Whither teacher education and training?

This report by Dr John Cater which was published by the Higher Education Policy Institute looks at the current state of teacher education in England and proposes a range of ideas for reform.

DSS 16/17 95Teacher retention and turnover research. Research update 1: teacher retention by subject

This Research Update from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NfER) presents differences in teacher retention rates by subject and career stage

DSS 16/17 96Mobility manifesto 2017

This report by the Sutton Trust outlines 10 practical steps which policymakers should take in order to improve social mobility and close the gap between the most and least advantaged.

DSS 16/17 97Youth manifesto report

This report from the youth campaign group Undivided presents research findings about young people’s priorities with regard to Brexit.

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