Sample summaries

Below you will find samples of the summaries that we produce each month for subscribers. If you take out a subscription you will receive 10+ documents every month reflecting the latest developments in education policy and guidance.

DSS 17/18 41December 2017Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: a Green Paper

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DSS 17/18 22November 2017Literacy and numeracy catch up strategies

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DSS 17/18 13October 2017Ofsted strategy 2017-2022

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DSS 17/18 3September 2017Closing the gap? Trends in educational attainment and disadvantage

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DSS 16/17 109July 2017Implementing the English Baccalaureate: Government consultation response

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DSS 16/17 101June 2017Celebrating reading for enjoyment: Findings from the Annual Literacy Survey 2016

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DSS 16/17 89May 2017Improving literacy in key stage 2

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DSS 16/17 80April 2017Creating a culture: How school leaders can optimise behaviour.

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DSS 16/17 67March 2017Closing the attainment gap in maths: A study of good practice in early years and primary settings

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DSS 16/17 58February 2017Breaking Point: A report of the school funding crisis in 2016-17

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DSS 16/17 47January 2017Growing up digital: a report of the Growing Up Digital Taskforce

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