March 2020

Reference Title
EPRS 19/20 61 English as an Additional Language: Proficiency in English, Educational Achievement and Rate of Progress in English Language Learning

This report from the University of Oxford explores the relationship between English as an Additional Language (EAL), Proficiency in English (PIE) and educational achievement.

EPRS 19/20 62 The Watchmen Revisited: Curriculum and Faith in Ofsted’s New Inspection Framework

This report from Policy Exchange provides a comprehensive critique of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.

EPRS 19/20 63 Fairer Schools Admissions

This report from the Sutton Trust explores how teachers, school leaders and parents view the issues of social segregation within the schools admissions system.

EPRS 19/20 64 Improving Mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage 1

This guidance report from the Education Endowment Foundation offers 5 practical evidence-based recommendations to support the mathematical learning of children aged 3 to 7 in the early years and Key Stage 1.

EPRS 19/20 65 What Affects Student Wellbeing?

This report from Tim Blackman of the Open University digs into data from a large scale survey of students to explore factors which promote or inhibit students’ wellbeing.

EPRS 19/20 66 Study of Early Education and Development: Early Education Use and Child Outcomes up to age 5

This report from the DfE focuses on how early childhood education and care (ECEC) is related to children’s development during the school reception year.

EPRS 19/20 67 The Impact of Undergraduate Degrees on Lifetime Earnings

This report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies makes use of new data to provide a more robust estimate of the overall return to undergraduate degrees than has previously been possible.

EPRS 19/20 68 UCAS – 2019 International Insights

This report from UCAS provides insight into applicants domiciled outside the UK applying to UK higher education (HE).

EPRS 19/20 69 The Third Degree: Re-examining Fair Access to Higher Education

This report from the Centre for Social Justice examines the barriers faced by disadvantaged students in accessing higher education, particularly at high tariff universities.

EPRS 19/20 70 Universities at the Crossroads

In this paper for Policy Exchange, Iain Mansfield and Lucian Hudson argue that higher education in the UK is in a vulnerable position and that the value which it offers is not being effectively communicated.

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