Sample summaries

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Reference Published Title
EPRS 21/22 11 October 2021 ‘I don’t like English, I don’t like writing’: A Case Study of EAL Learner Support in a Secondary School in England

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EPRS 21/22 5 September 2021 Researchful Practice in Early Years Settings

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EPRS 21/22 2 September 2021 The Views of Teachers in England on an Action-Oriented Climate Change Curriculum

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EPRS 20/21 101 July 2021 Geography Mentors’ Written Lesson Observation Feedback during Initial Teacher Education

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EPRS 20/21 93 June 2021 Research Review Series: Religious Studies

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EPRS 20/21 85 May 2021 A Review and Evaluation of Secondary School Accountability in England

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EPRS 20/21 77 April 2021 The Impact of COVID-19 on Early Years Transition to School

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EPRS 20/21 61 March 2021 Understanding Progress in the 20-21 Academic Year: Interim Findings

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EPRS 20/21 52 February 2021 Learning in Lockdown

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EPRS 20/21 45 January 2021 The Relationship Between Taking a Formal Music Qualification and Overall Attainment at Key Stage 4

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EPRS 20/21 37 December 2020 Exploring the Relationship Between Teacher Workload and Target Setting

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EPRS 20/21 22 November 2020 Education Policy Institute Position on Testing and Examinations in 2021

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EPRS 20/21 11 October 2020 COVID-19 Series: Briefing on Schools September 2020

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EPRS 19/20 82 May 2020 Top Ten Texts: A Survey of Commonly Taught KS3 Class Readers

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